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Solar Timepiece

Witnessing time as a pattern of light on your sundial

The HELIOSPHERE sundial can be enjoyed by novices and sundial aficionados alike. The HELIOSPHERE sundial product packaging includes a microfiber cleaning cloth to help take care of your optical instrument, along with a user’s manual with quick setup features and a precision setup manual for those who are interested in making seasonal time adjustments.

  • HELIOSPHERE sundial with Arc base unit – time is 11AM on the dial

The users manual provides instructions to convert solar time to standard (or daylight savings) time within the viewer’s specific time zone. The graphics are clear and concise to ease the set-up and to enhance your enjoyment of observing the changing patterns of light on your HELIOSPHERE sundial.

The HELIOSPHERE sundial can be rotated within its base unit to match the site’s specific latitude, and orientation to indicate the approximate time of day throughout the changing seasons. The time of day is displayed as a pattern of light on the dial face.

Any area receiving direct sunlight would benefit from this sculptural solar instrument that brings a pattern of light as well as an understanding of one’s location within our solar system that makes this light possible.