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Solar Timepiece

The HELIOSPHERE sundial illuminates the time of day as a pattern of light

The HELIOSPHERE sundial evolved not only as a solar timepiece but also as a design element intended to evoke delight and to elicit connections with time and place.

As a sculptural solar timepiece, the HELIOSPHERE sundial is an art form with a vast underlying science that is intricately linked to an exact location on Earth and the seasonal effects of our orbit around the sun.

The sculptural solar timepiece has various architectural applications that integrate seamlessly into the built environment to bring a unique sense of place to the occupants.

The HELIOSPHERE sundial’s relationship to light and space provides a biophilic connection (a connection to nature). Nurturing our connections to nature is beneficial to our health, well-being, and productivity. The biophilic benefits within the built environment can be enjoyed not only for their sculptural qualities of light but also to gain an appreciation for our planet in its context within our cosmos.

Designed by an architect with a passion for daylighting design, the HELIOSPHERE sundial holds two individual patents. Its seasonal patterns of living light and changing stimuli strive to connect individuals with nature and to foster connections vital to living and work environments that encourage critical thinking, problem solving, and a sense of well being.

The following inscription is included with the HELIOSPHERE sundial product manual …

With connections comes a sense of place.
With a sense of place comes a shift in perspective.
With a shift in perspective comes new ideas.